Are you ready to be debt free? Would you like exponential growth in your net worth? I have spent the last several years sharing with people how I have gotten rid of student loan debt, increased my net worth and my easy money saving tips! Join me and over 5000 YouTube subscribers on this journey!


The wind beneath so many people’s wings. She’s an operations genius, number whiz, and most importantly, the kindest heart ever. Kami has been working with me over the past couple of months to create smarter systems and habits to manage my money and make it work for me. She does it all with care, diligence, and no judgement – even though she has threatened to take away my debit card.

Tanya, Client & Friend

This morning I was reflecting on my debt free journey and how I was able to pay off $65,091 in 39 months!!! Suddenly I was overwhelmed by emotions of Gratitude on how I found out Dave Ramsey and his baby steps. I found out about Davey Ramsey by “accidentally” watching a video by #focusedspender. I’m very grateful that amongst my makeup tutorials, God inserted her one video where she was talking about her debt free journey… I want you to know you made a difference in my life and I will always be grateful for your videos and content.

Aishadebtfreejourney, Instagram