2017 – A Year in Review

It is December 31st, and like many people, I am reflecting on what I was able to accomplish this year and even more so on the areas I have fallen flat. But, I am happy to report that 2017 was a great year for Focused Spender and honestly, I am not quite sure how it happened. I think the catalyst was starting an Instagram page, which I did in January. I started it with this post.

I honestly had NO idea what I was doing, or even the real point of starting an Instagram page. But I thought, Focused Spender should have one since everyone else does. Thankfully around the same time, my friend Nicaila Matthews over at www.sidehustlepro.co taught a master class on Instagram and I was able to get my life together!

In April of this year, I was able to host two financial workshops at Kingsborough Community College. This opportunity came from a friend of mine just asking me if I wanted to host a workshop for the women’s center at her job. Though I immediately said yes, I can honestly say that I was terrified to do it. I spent two to three weeks prepping for the workshop and it definitely paid off. The students were very receptive to everything that I said and what really surprised me was the financial misconceptions that I kept hearing from the students AND the staff. It definitely made me realize that I needed to go on preaching the financial gospel.

At some point later in the year, I realized my website needed a complete refresh. My old site, which I completed while on medical leave years ago was just not cutting it. In typical fashion, I decided to redo it myself.

I think I have trust issues.

I found a few WordPress templates, looked at other people’s sites and had my friend who is a graphic designer give me some tips. I put the whole thing together and realized I still did not know what I was doing. So I finally bit the bullet, and went on Upwork.com and found someone to do all the technically things that I could not. I think my investment paid off!


There so many more things I want to do in 2018, like fully build out my website, expand my YouTube audience to 10,000 and create two more streams of passive income. Considering I did not start out 2017 with concrete goals for Focused Spender, I did pretty okay. This coming year though, with real SMART goals in place, should be even better!

2017 Year in Review


Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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