4 Reasons Insurance Companies May Undervalue Your Claim

Dealing with insurance companies requires being well-informed to avoid ending up with an unfavorable deal. That is because sometimes, there’s a significant difference between what your insurance company puts on the table and the final amount you get after everything. This can be inconvenient, especially when you’re dealing with serious injuries. The initial offer may seem like spare change for your medical bills, causing you to still need to use a significant chunk of your finances. Fortunately, this article highlights a few top reasons why your insurance company may undervalue your claim and how you can tackle it. 

You’re responsible for the accident

After being involved in an accident, your insurance company will likely pin the crash on you, even when you’re not at fault. They might argue you’re 10% at fault for not being alert on the road, and every 10% they shave off adds to their pockets. They may also enquire whether you were wearing your seatbelt, whether you ran a light, and so on. So, in your communications with them, ensure you’re mindful of your words because innocent slips like “I was in a rush” can prove damaging. 

Inability to prove the accident caused your injuries 

Sometimes, proving your injuries were caused by the accident can be challenging. The insurance company might throw a curveball, questioning the direct link between your aches and the accident. To stay a step ahead, gather all your medical evidence, treatment records, and expert opinion – they’re your arsenal in this injury-proof battle. The clearer you make the connection, the harder it is for them to dispute that the accident caused your injuries, so consider hiring expert accident lawyers to help you prove your case. 

Your injuries are not severe

Sometimes, your injuries may seem harmless on the surface but could have a deeper impact than you know. For instance, although soft-tissue damage might not show up on an X-ray, it can last for a while, causing pain and several trips to the hospital. Therefore, when engaging with your insurance providers, ensure you provide a detailed assessment by medical professionals who can give a proper view of how serious your injuries are. Now, patience is key because the severity of crash injury isn’t a one-day affair but a slow burn. So, don’t hand the insurance company the leeway by downplaying your pain. Get treatment immediately and keep at it so your insurance provider doesn’t downplay your injuries. 

You’ve exhausted your policy limit

It can be frustrating when you suffer an accident, and you’re seeking compensation for the damages, only for your insurance provider to say that you’ve exhausted your policy limits. If the at-fault driver’s coverage maxes out and your claim surpasses those limits, you might find yourself in a pickle. But even if your expenses outweigh their coverage, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for breadcrumbs. Get savvy about adding coverages or exploring other avenues to secure what you rightfully deserve. 


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