About Me

Hi, I’m the Focused Spender! I am here to help YOU shed debt and BUILD WEALTH.

I help Professional Women of Color match their financial success with their professional success, by determining their long term financial goals and reshaping their financial habits to align with those goals.



As a Professional Woman of Color, you may feel a mismatch in your life, especially when compared with your colleagues. You’ve earned a Master’s Degree, a JD or Post-doc and doing well in your career. But even still, your finances are not falling into line as expected.

Whether your student loans are not decreasing as fast as you would like or your savings/investing accounts are stagnated, something is just not right. Sometimes you think that if your salary was just a bit higher, everything would fall into place.

However, you know this is not necessarily true.

The problem is deeper than your spending, saving and investing habits not being aligned with your short or long term goals.

The problem is that you are not clear on what your goals ARE and the steps you need to take in order to attain them.

So How Can I Help You

I work with women to determine the changes they would like to see in their life over the next 3 months to 3 years and set goals around those changes. Then we create a clear plan on the steps needed to attain those goals, down to the dollar amount they need to save/pay today to obtain the life they are dreaming of.

As with anything, the one size all approach to finances does not work. My goal is to ensure that you do not have to give up everything you enjoy to reach your goals, just modify it a bit. I understand that if plans are too restrictive, they are destined to fail.



More About Me

When I graduated grad school from NYU, I had over $65,000 in student loan debt. My salary was $50K and before I started paying off my loans, I thought it was enough. Then I got my first student loan bill and quickly realized it was not. I did not earn enough to pay my rent/fixed expenses, student loans, invest at 5% and have anything left over to save. I had to make adjustments quickly.

Shortly thereafter, I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and quickly implemented the strategies in the book. I started to share my results on YouTube and working with people one on one. For years I thought, if people just read the book, they could do it too. Then I realized, many people needed someone to guide them along the process of getting rid of debt and building wealth. Furthermore, Dave’s system is rigid and as a-one size all approach does not work for all. In this video, I show how I tweaked his plan to fit me.

Since then, I was able to get rid of my student loan debt in three years and build my six-figure net worth, without earning a crazy high salary. The key to my success has been to create a plan, set the plan and let it do all of the work.

What I personally enjoy is working with people one on one to create personalized plans that are easy to follow, allow you to retain a semblance of normalcy but also helps you make strategic financial decisions.