About Me

FrameStudio.KamilahGrowing up with my Costa Rican born grandmother, I learned the value of a dollar from an early age. She came to this country as an adult without much money or formal education post high school. But she hustled hard and she used the money she earned as a nurse’s aid, child care taker and part-time beautician to buy a row house on a beautiful tree-lined block and pay off that house in less than 15 years.

From my grandmother I learned that your salary does not determine how much money you have in the bank. You can have a lot without having the biggest salary. With smart budgeting, money management skills and serious side hustling, you can reach financial success.

Using that mindset, I was able to shed $65,000 in student loan debt in just three years using the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Baby Steps. Once I paid off my student loans, I built a six month emergency fund and then started investing heavily. Since then, I have been sharing my story on YouTube, in financial literacy workshops and working with people one on one to make sense of their financial life. I am financial manager in my professional life, where I get to help organizations maintain financial viability and ensure long term success.