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Hi, I’m the Focused Spender!
I'm here to help YOU shed debt and BUILD WEALTH.

My name is Kamilah and I am a native New Yorker of Caribbean descent who is passionate about helping you learn how to invest and build your net worth by sharing easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials that will help you take control of your money and set you up for financial success. But this wasn’t always my story.

When I graduated from grad school at NYU, I had over $65,000 in student loan debt. My salary was $50K, and before I started paying off my loans, I thought it was enough. Then I got my first student loan bill and quickly realized it was not. I did not earn enough to pay my rent/fixed expenses, student loans, invest at 5%, and have anything left to save. I had to make adjustments quickly.

I read Dave Ramsey’s book “Total Money Makeover” and quickly implemented the strategies in the book. I started to share my results on YouTube. For years I thought if people just read the book, they could do it. But the Total Money Makeover system is rigid, and as a-one size all approach does not work for all. Then I realized, many people needed someone to guide them along the process of getting rid of debt and building wealth. I realized I was that guide that people needed, and I began sharing my experience in earnest on YouTube and working with people one on one.

Since that moment, I eliminated my student loan debt in three years and built my net worth to over $500k, without earning a crazy high salary. I also just hit Coast Fire, meaning I can stop investing for retirement, and my investments will continue to grow and allow me to retire at the traditional retirement age. The key to my success has been to create a plan and set up the structures to make the plan work.


Be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I share updates on personal investments, tutorials on how to use the most popular investments apps, and financial hot topics that will impact you!

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