Budget Tools

Simple Tools to Manage your Money

Cashflow Template


In order to avoid the paycheck to paycheck trap, using a cashflow will allow you to project your bank balance over the next several weeks or months after your pay comes in and your bills come out. This spreadsheet is fully customizable. You can add additional weeks, months, income lines and expense lines. Don’t forget your savings! There is a separate section which will allow you to forecast how your savings impacts your cashflow.

Budget Template

No fuss, no muss. In one way, this is your standard budget template allowing you to input your income and expenses, projecting your bottom line. But the key to creating a budget is understanding how you have been spending your money and then adjusting accordingly. This tool will allow you to do just that!

Net Worth Template

This simple template allows you to list out your assets and liabilities and calculate your Net Worth. It has examples of different types of assets and liabilities in case you are wondering what should be listed.

Investment Calculator/Forecaster

Ever wonder when you will be a millionaire? Use this tool for planning or for fun.  It allows you to input your various savings and investments and project out what your balance could be in the next 30 years. While this spreadsheet is just for fun, it can be used to help you think about how diversifying your investments will impact your bottom line in the next 5 – 10 up to 30 years!