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The BEST Gift for a Three Year Old – College Savings!

Recently my friend’s daughter turned three and she was throwing her an “epic” birthday bash at a suburban kiddie party place. When she told me about the party, I thought what should I buy a three year old? I often struggle with buying gifts for kids because

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How I Saved $13,000 on a $24,000 Salary

When I was 24 years old I had one goal, to move out of my grandmother’s basement. While I enjoyed the perks of living at home – no rent, home cooked meals everyday and free cable – I had absolutely no privacy. The laundry room was right outside of my door and you had to walk through my “apartment” to get

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My name is Kamilah and I am a native New Yorker of Caribbean descent who is passionate about helping you learn how to invest and build your net worth by sharing easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials that will help you take control of your money and set you up for financial success. But this wasn’t always my story.

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