How To Make Extra Money In Just A Weekend

Making a little spare cash every now and then is a good way to let your hair down. After all, you can order in a takeaway or take your partner on a night out without having to touch your bank account! But can you make a bit of extra money in 48 hours? Yes you can, and you don’t need a well planned out side hustle to do it either. Here are some great ways to up your monthly revenue over the span of one weekend. 

Sign Up to Survey Sites

Survey sites used in combination can net you around $20 during the weekends. Spend enough of your time on these sites and you’ll soon notice that number rising – the more surveys you complete, the higher (and faster) your payout. Keep tabs open over Saturday and Sunday so you have first pick over surveys, activities, and games that crop up during the day. You may even be able to put a Christmas fund together off the back of this! 

Pet or Babysit

If you’ve got neighbors with a new baby on one side and neighbor with a new puppy on the other, why not offer your services as a sitter whenever they need a break? As a trusted neighbor you’ll be first pick when they need to head out, and you can build up a real profile as an experienced ‘nanny’ over the course of a few weekends. Remember, people love convenience, so if there’s someone next door willing to keep an eye they’ll jump at the chance! Keep your rates low to start out but don’t be afraid to put them up when your time becomes more and more in demand. 

Have a Yard Sale

A yard sale is a great way to just clear out your garage or your spare room and never look back. Being able to sell all of your old junk in a matter of hours after clearing it out will do both your home and your bank account the world of good! Get online to post your yard sale, set up early to make sure you get a good grab bag of attendees, and don’t be afraid to haggle with people when they come along. 

Use an Odd Job App

Odd Job apps, such as TaskRabbit, are great for making money in your spare time. If you’ve got some manual skills other people could make good use of, it won’t be hard to become a top rated ‘handyman’ in just a few weeks. And there are plenty of these apps out there, so feel free to download all of them and set up various profiles. You never know when you might get a ping from someone needing help, or what profitable jobs you might come across that you can complete in an hour. 

If you want some extra cash to treat yourself or your family, a weekend is really all you need to generate some pennies for your piggy bank. 

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