Lucrative Side Hustles You Could Look Into

If you have been feeling the pinch lately and are on the lookout for a way to have the pennies rolling in then look no further. If you are wanting to save for a rainy day or simply have enough to book that long awaited family holiday. Side hustles are a wonderful way to achieve this as you can do them alongside your main position. The key here is finding something you enjoy doing, if you need some inspiration take a look below. 

Real Estate

One of the first things you could look into if your budget allows is investing in real estate. This is probably one of the most lucrative side hustles on the list. Investing in real estate requires you to have substantial funds in order to first purchase the property. Make sure you take a look around and choose the best option for you and your situation. You could opt for a fixer-upper, this will need a lot of work carried out but means you can turn a huge profit. If you don’t have time to manage your properties yourself then you could get in touch with a company such as Orana property who will manage it on your behalf. 


If you have experience of helping people through difficult times in their lives then you might want to do this on the side. Counsellors and therapists can choose the hours they work and for how long, this is what makes it such a great idea for a side hustle. You will need some form of qualifications in order to begin offering your services to clients. You will also need to be registered with the appropriate governing body. Get yourself listed on self-help websites so that you can start building up a client base. 


Do you have a natural affinity for capturing the beauty in everything? If so, then you could become a regular photographer for events and special occasions. You will need a good quality camera if this is something you are serious about. If you don’t have the budget available for this right away then you can get second hand cameras for a great price. It may be tricky starting out as a photographer, especially if you are only doing it part time. You will need to build up a portfolio which you will then show off to potential clients when they enquire about your services. 


Finally, if you are a dab hand at creating and crafting different things then how about you sell the items you make? People are always on the lookout for beautiful and unique items that others have made. If you are unsure of how to go about this then you could start by making your own page on selling sites. Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon are usually good places to start selling your items. Be aware that some of these sites charge sellers for listing their items. Make sure you do your research to ensure you will make a nice profit from selling your goods. 

FUNDRISE | Real Estate Investing

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