Making Money From 5 Unwanted Items In Your Home

There comes a time in everyone’s lives to assess what they own and what it is worth. There are multiple reasons for doing this, including having items appraised for insurance purposes, having a clear-out of unused items, or being able to sell what you no longer want to make money quickly.

When it comes to selling items to make money, it can be surprising to discover the value held within your home and how much you can make for selling things you need longer want or need.


It’s unlikely that you’ll make a lot of money selling old books on the internet. But you might be able to stretch your budget until your next payday by going through your bookcase and selling unwanted or unread books. Numerous websites, including Amazon, will pay you for any unwanted paperbacks or college textbooks that you have lying around.  Websites that buy used books often provide fast payment options, such as gift cards or PayPal, to their customers.


The sale of unwanted rings, bracelets, and other pieces of fine jewelry has long been a popular method of generating extra income. Before selling your gems, the American Gem Society recommends that you visit a few different shops to compare offers. Make sure, however, that your expectations are not too high. According to the Los Angeles Times, selling fine jewelry for a price that is even remotely close to what you paid for it is extremely rare. However, you can make money from old jewelry you no longer need or want, so sell gold for cash now and see how much you can make from your jewelry box.

Old Cell Phones

Do you have some old cell phones tucked away in drawers that have not been used since you upgraded? Most people will upgrade their cell phones every couple of years, rendering older models inactive and unused. Instead of letting them sit around collecting dust just in case you might need to use one of them (which is unlikely to happen), why not sell your old phone for cash?

Empty Boxes

Not a conventional money-making method but still a valuable idea! Because it is pretty common to purchase second-hand goods online that do not come packaged, shoppers are willing to spend extra money on the appropriate empty boxes to make the item appear brand new when giving it as a gift. You can see empty boxes for iPhones, PlayStations, and a slew of other electrical goods selling for a respectable sum of money on eBay right now.

Vintage Items

Does your attic or basement contain an unopened crate of items from your childhood or your parent’s or even grandparents’ house? Those items may appear worthless to you, but if you can find the right buyer for them, you can make a lot of money selling vintage items online.

On websites such as Etsy and eBay, buyers can purchase vintage typewriters, milk glass vases, see-through telephones from the 1980s, and other items from the past. To determine if your items are worth anything, conduct a quick search of current listings and previously sold articles on reselling websites. It isn’t a quick way to make money as you will need to wait for the right buyer, but if you no longer want the item, it can be a good money maker.

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