My $25/week M1 Finance Portfolio Update – Q1 2022

M1 Finance Portfolio

In December 2020, I decided to open up a new investment portfolio with M1 Finance and concentrate my stock picks on companies that seemed to benefit from Covid. But, first, I had to step back and think about who stood to benefit from quarantine. Some were obvious, like healthcare companies because I knew there would be a vaccine and others were less so, like pet care companies since everyone bought a Covid pet.

Why Did I Choose M1 Finance?

M1 Finance is an investing app offering both self-directed trading and automated investing. The app is free to use, meaning you won’t incur trading fees, and you can build a portfolio of stocks in what they call pies.

I created this portfolio on M1 Finance instead of just buying whole shares of stocks because I wanted an easy way to dollar cost average the price by investing every week, and maintain a well-balanced portfolio of companies. I didn’t want to pick just one healthcare company or one retail company if one flopped. So I set up my portfolio and selected 11 companies. I wanted to stop at 10, but I couldn’t decide what to drop.

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How did my investment portfolio do?

Overall, I did well. I started this portfolio in December 2020 with $1000, and I have invested $25 every Monday since then. I’ve earned $60 in dividends and $353.24 in market gains, and my total return is 22.68%. 

The stock market dipped recently, and while this portfolio fell like my others, it didn’t decline as much and rebounded much faster.

M1 Investment Portfolio Results

My Three Highest Performing Stocks

Exxon (XOM) - 1st

Portfolio Percent – 15%

Total Invested – $304.08
Total Gains in Dollars -$256.28
Total Percent Gain – 129.16%
Current Value – $560.36

Tesla (TSLA) - 2nd

Portfolio Percent- 10%

Total Invested – $197.94
Total Gains in Dollars – $129.01
Total Percent Gain – 77.41%
Current Value – $326.93

United Healthcare (UNH) -3rd

Portfolio Percent – 20%

Total Invested – $417.99
Total Gains in Dollars – $218.78
Total Percent Gain – 65.55%
Current Value – $629.43

If these stocks do so well, why do I only have 22% in gains, and will I make any changes?

The answer to the first question is that I have a few duds dragging me down. One of which is Facebook, which felt like a no-brainer stock when I created this portfolio. It had a long history of doing well, so I didn’t think it would bring me down, but it’s down almost 30%, representing 15% of my portfolio.

My other dud is Peloton, which is a bummer because I finally bought the bike! It’s only 5% of my portfolio (I kept it low because I knew it was risky), but it’s down 85.92%. I hope it gets bought out by Apple or Amazon, and the stock price shoots back up!

The answer to the second question is that I recently got a pay raise, so I will increase my investment to $35/week and adjust my portfolio by reducing the percentage of some of my lowest-performing stocks. My current portfolio is below, and you can find any future changes to the portfolio here.

Full M1 Finance portfolio with results

As of April 8, 2022

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