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Keeping on top of financial news can be useful if you have money invested somewhere or if you’re simply looking to improve your knowledge of finance. But just where should you go to find the most reliable financial news? Below is a list of some of the most popular and reputable online publications that could be worth subscribing to.


MarketWatch was one of the first major websites dedicated to financial news and it has remained a popular choice when it comes to financial news publications. This site publishes many incredibly detailed financial reports every day – if you’re looking for hard data on some of the most niche markets, this is the place to go. Many finance experts find it to be a very useful news source. 

Financial Times

The Financial Times was first launched in 1888 in the UK, and it has since become one of the most respected news publications when it comes to global finance and business news. The site still hires many investigative journalists and therefore is the first to publish many breaking financial news stories. Subscribing to this site sadly comes with a fee, which is something to consider. 

Wall Street Journal

Since 1889, the Wall Street Journal has been the top choice for those investing in the stock market. Of course, the WSJ offers more than stock market news nowadays – visit their homepage and you’ll find articles covering various finance topics and more including politics and sport. You do need to pay to subscribe to this publication if you want unlimited articles, which can put some people off. It’s a must-read publication if you work with stocks for a living. 


Bloomberg has been going since the 80s and has been ahead of the curve in terms of online news – they had a website as early as 1993. Their website contains in-depth news on finance and business. You’ll also find many articles on emerging tech  – they have sections dedicated to ‘Crypto’, ‘AI’ and ‘Green’. 

The Economist

Established in 1843, The Economist is one of the oldest financial publications. Nowadays, it has a website and covers a lot of general world news, however many of its articles still have a financial or business focus. It is also written in a fairly easy-to-read format despite delving into some pretty complex topics, which has helped to keep it popular.

CNN Business

Formerly known as ‘CNN Money’, this subsidiary of CNN now publishes mainly business news, however it still also covers a lot of financial news (including providing in-depth market stats). The site is mostly free to read and publishes a lot of news daily. They also have a YouTube channel worth checking out.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance specializes in providing general financial news in layman’s terms. If you’re an entry-level investor or you’re looking to build a basic understanding of finance, you may find this to be the most digestible news source. There are sections here covering everything from ‘Top Stocks’ to ‘Crypto’, making it great for all your financial needs.

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