The Impact on Personal Finance of Not Being Insured

Insurance is about having financial security in case the worst happens. The purpose of it is to put us back in the same financial position that we were in before the accident, loss, or unfortunate event occurred. This applies whatever the type of insurance. For this article, we will discuss motor insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance. All of which are available through a broker. Online, this could be onesure, a company that offers many different policies that protect our finances from unexpected events.

Motor Insurance

There is, of course, an element of motor insurance that is a legal requirement. This is the part where we might do damage to another motorist and it is our fault. Our insurer can compensate the other party on our behalf. Then we might, as well, want to insure our vehicle for accidental damage in case we should be held responsible for the accident. Also, in case there is a fire or theft.

Top-of-the-range vehicles would cost a lot to replace if we had to find the money. We might have, after all, spent months, even years, saving up to buy the vehicle in the first place. Many family budgets could not afford to fund another high-value car purchase straight away.

Where vehicles are on finance agreements, it is necessary to insure them comprehensively to protect both parties. For one, the other person still technically owns the vehicle until the final payment is made. Then, as the buyer, you hardly want to continue paying for a vehicle that has been lost to a fire or theft. How disheartening would that be?

Home Insurance

In terms of our home, there is generally much more to lose than with a car, if we had not protected its value with insurance. If you have a mortgage, then buildings insurance will be required anyway.

Contents insurance is protection when we invest much of our hard-earned money into objects that please us. We may one day consider them our pension fund if we have bought wisely.

Accidental damage is extra protection should we knock something off a shelf or drop an iron on the carpet. Pets can cause damage just like children can and it is good to have our items covered in case of accidents as well as should there be a fire or theft. If there has been a spate of thefts in your area recently then you will appreciate having the insurance to protect yourself from the burglar who threatens to make you financially worse off.

Travel Insurance

We can pay out a lot of money for a holiday, so it is comforting to know that travel insurance can help us get at least some of the cost back, should we end up cancelling for a reason out of our control. Also, transport delays could cost us money, which an insurer might fund. Always check your policy to check on the terms in both cases.

Then what if you should fall ill while abroad? The country you are travelling to will not have an NHS like in the UK and so you would have to fund all of the medical expenses yourself if you did not have travel insurance. It pays to know as much as possible about the country you are travelling to and how an insurance policy might help you in these circumstances because you just never know.


Thinking about all of the above has certainly persuaded me never to neglect to have insurance for every eventuality. It is a financial reassurance that we are never going to suffer too badly financially when an insurer can pay for our loss in exchange for an affordable monthly premium. If you choose the broker option, then you can have the choice of many insurance companies. This is a way to achieve one of the better prices on the internet. The insurance industry is very competitive, which will go in your favour.

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