The Most Effective Ways To Add Value To Your Home

If you’ve got future plans to sell your home, it could be worth investing in a few value-boosting renovations first. This could allow you to raise the asking price. But just what are some of the most effective ways to add value? Ideally, you don’t want to spend so much money that any added value is worthless. This post lists a few of the most effective measures you can take.

Repaint those walls

If the paint on your walls is stained or faded, adding a new layer of paint could be an effective way to add value. Fresh paint can make a home feel brand new again. It also doesn’t cost too much money to paint a home – there’s lots of good quality cheap paint out there, and you can easily save money by doing it yourself. Make sure to stick to fairly neutral colors in order to appeal to more buyers.

Remove dated features

Certain dated features could reduce the appeal of your home. This includes features like dark wood wall panels, linoleum floors, bathroom carpets and popcorn ceilings. Make sure to update these features before you put your home on the market. For jobs like popcorn ceiling removal, there are specialist professionals that you can hire to make life easy. Remember that not all historic features are dated – removing certain features like old fireplaces may have a negative impact on your home’s value. 

Install a patio/deck

When it comes to value-boosting exterior improvements, two great options include installing a patio or installing a deck. Both can help to designate a social area within your backyard and can be very attractive for homebuyers. If you’ve already got a patio or decking, make sure that it is in good condition. A pressure washer may be able to help revive it.  If you want to get some help with your house sale, then be sure to contact Reed Pirain.

Repair roof damage

A damaged roof is not good for the value of your home. This is particularly the case if any damage is visible from the ground. While roof repairs aren’t cheap, they can be a worthy investment on a damaged roof. If your roof is damaged in multiple places, it may even be worth replacing your entire roof. A new roof can add some serious curb appeal and will definitely add some value to your home.

Convert your attic into a bedroom

The biggest way to add value to a home is to add another bedroom. This is particularly the case when turning a two-bed into a three-bed, or a three-bed into a four-bed. You can create a new bedroom by building an addition. However, a much more economical method could be to simply convert an unused attic. Attic conversions save costs because you don’t have to build new foundations and walls. There are a few legal requirements you’ll need to meet for an attic to be classed as a bedroom (such as ensuring the roof is high enough and that the floor is adequate) so bear this in mind. An attic conversion company will be able to help you make plans and carry out your conversion. 


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